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Economic gravity shifting towards Asia

China’s authorities set policies to advance social reforms at the expense of economic growth in 2021, but have now switched back in support of growth at a time when Western policymakers have become predisposed with controlling inflation. With Asia’s long-term economic fundamentals also still superior to those of the major Western economies and the region a relative beneficiary of the West’s estrangement from Russia, we expect Asian growth to resume its trend of outperformance over the West in 2022. We also expect foreign participation in China’s capital markets to continue to increase.

Asia is the key driver of global growth
China is prioritising growth over speed of reform
China’s ‘Dual Circulation’ strategy
Asia is increasing international collaboration

Catch up on Asia

From investment perspectives to expert opinions - take a deep dive into our latest Asia related publications

Remapping China risks

Amid rising investor uncertainty over China - including both foreseeable risks and surprises - we assess what’s changed and what hasn’t in the outlook for China’s markets and macro policy.

CIO podcast: The questions investors have on China, Ukraine, and Fed rates

Carsten Roemheld speaks to Fidelity International's Chief Investment Officer Andrew McCaffery about the questions facing investors on China and the war in Ukraine, and how markets have reacted to the

High near-term uncertainty keeps us cautious

Lockdowns in China and the risk of recession in Europe are adding to the list of uncertainties facing investors.

Asia Annual Outlook 2022: China dictates the course

In 2022, Asia-Pacific will remain the most important growth driver of the global economy. But investors should be prepared for surprises.

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Fidelity's Asia capabilities


Substantial experience

We have 50+* years of experience doing business in Asia - since 1981 in Hong Kong - and hold $70bn* of assets under management in Asia Pacific ex Japan.


First in line

Our WFOE* has become the 1st global asset manager to register with the AMAC* as a private fund manager in China.


Comprehensive coverage

We have 50+* equity and fixed income research analysts focused on the coverage of Asia.


Active engagement

We actively covered 830 companies and held 5,303 meetings in Asia Pacific ex Japan in 2019.

Source: Fidelity International. 30 June 2020, Assets quoted include Assets under Administration. AMAC = Asset Management Association of China; WFOE = Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise; *Broadridge (formerly Lipper) 30 June 2020, data includes active funds only; China Equity funds are those listed in Broadridge sector equities Greater China. Includes funds from all domiciles that Broadridge cover which currently excludes US but does include some Asian domiciled funds. Asian Equity funds are those listed in Broadridge sectors equities Pacific ex Japan, Pacific ex Japan Mid/Small Caps, Pacific incl. Japan and Pacific Income.

Our offering to access Asia

For over 50 years, Fidelity has been active and on-the-ground in Asia. Our understanding and knowledge of the region has compounded to provide our portfolio managers with a truly unique and independent view of the factors shaping returns from Asian companies. Our Asian equities and fixed income investment strategies offer different and distinct ways of accessing this dynamic region.


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Fixed Income

Are you interested in our Asian Bond strategies?

How sustainable is Asia really?

One thing is certain: Asia needs to catch up when it comes to sustainability. But more is happening than many investors might think. A closer look reveals some surprising insights and prospects.

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Strong for China investments

More insights. Less surprises.

Navigating China's investment landscape requires diligence and on the ground experience. Explore our China capabilities and gain further insights to see where investment potential could lie.

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How to access the undeniably dynamic region Asia


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Dive into more details

Would you like to gain more insight and read what our experts have currently published on Asia?

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Risk warnings

  • Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.
  • Investments in emerging markets can be more volatile than other more developed markets.
  • The price of bonds is influenced by movements in interest rates, changes in the credit rating of bond issuers, and other factors such as inflation and market dynamics. In general, as interest rates rise the price of a bond will fall. The risk of default is based on the issuer's ability to make interest payments and to repay the loan at maturity. Default risk may, therefore, vary between different government issuers as well as between different corporate issuers.
  • The value of investments in overseas markets can be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.
  • An Investment Manager’s focus on securities of issuers which maintain sustainable characteristics may affect the fund’s investment performance favourably or unfavourably in comparison to similar funds without such focus. The sustainable characteristics of securities may change over time.

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