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Sustainable Investing Web-seminars

Welcome to your individual series of live ESG web-seminars where experts from Fidelity International will take you at Mercer through an ESG journey covering a wide variety of themes ranging from how climate pathways can be integrated into strategic and tactical asset allocations to ESG trends and regulation. Register now to our upcoming sessions.

Your web-seminar recordings

ESG Data Providers & Reporting

How to approach the challenges of carbon reporting, impact reporting and ESG data reporting and underst the Investment Carbon Footprint and Climate Impact assessment.

Addressing Climate Change in Fixed Income

Learn more about the evolution and importance of ESG integration in fixed income strategies and the impact of ESG investing on corporate bonds.

Stewardship & Engagement

Learn more about the philosophy, power and the process of engagement as well as challenges associated with engagement and how they can be overcome.

ESG Regulation

Get an overview of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR) and EU taxonomy, as well as Germany-specific regulations.

Incorporating Climate Change in Capital Market Assumptions

Learn about the impact of climate change and geography on growth projections and how to incorporate climate change into capital market assumptions.

Market Trends in Sustainable Investing

ESG initiatives and standards, global trends in Sustainable investing and the implications of Net Zero on the industry.

Integrating ESG into Real Estate

Gain insights into current trends, key challenges and case studies regarding the integration of ESG into Real Estate strategies.

Climate Wars: Rise of the Sea Levels

Get an overview of key ESG themes and latest trends. Learn how climate change is integrated into investment management and understand climate change portfolio exposure.

Discover more ESG web-seminars

The ´S` in ESG: Social Issues in ESG

The S in ESG

  • Focus on stakeholder management
  • Labour exploitation and human rights in the supply chain
  • Community relations, diversity and inclusion

Modern Slavery

  • Risk factors
  • Fidelity initiatives against modern slavery – Australia
  • Investors against slavery and trafficking – APAC


  • Diversity initiatives
  • Diversity at Fidelity

Speakers: Kate Howitt, Marion O’Donnell and Katie Constance

Integrating ESG: Active Equities

Approach and different considerations on how to integrate ESG into Equity strategies

Why integrate?

  • ESG is another dimension of fundamental analysis
  • The value of independent sustainability research

How to integrate

  • ESG ratings
  • ESG and investment styles: quality, value, market cap and growth
  • The Investment process:
    • Investment universe/ idea generation
    • Stock selection
    • Portfolio construction
    • Engagement

Speakers: Toby Gibb and Matthew Jennings

Impact Investing and SDGs

What is Impact Investing and how to approach Impact Investing in Equity strategies

Key principles defining impact investing

  • Intentionality
  • Measurement of outcome
  • Difference to traditional ESG funds

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • A set of ambitious targets
  • A framework for impact investing

Fund example: Fidelity Funds - Sustainable Eurozone Equity Fund

Speakers: Aela Cozic and Vincent Durel 

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Sustainable investment

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