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Coronavirus, the oil crash and market volatility

How investors should think about 2020's historic volatility.

Cool Heads: Fidelity CIOs on oil crash, volatility and what's next

Managing liquidity is key.

Ask the Analysts: How are your companies dealing with Coronavirus?

As the business impact of Coronavirus grows, Fidelity analysts describe the level of preparedness that they are observing amongst their companies.

Fidelity CIOs on the response needed to stabilise the markets

Fidelity CIOs on the response needed to stabilise the markets following coronavirus and oil shocks

China gets back to business

How fast and how fully activity recovers in China will have huge implications for one of the world’s key economic growth engines.

March's Rich Pickings podcasts: CIOs and portfolio managers on navigating stormy markets

In this month's Rich Pickings we talk to Fidelity CIOs and portfolio managers about how they're approaching market volatility and the strategies they're implementing.

Oil price war set to escalate

The oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia is still in escalation mode - and things could get worse before they get better.

As gold’s surge draws wider interest, miners shine too

Gold's lustre is also rubbing off on the companies that dig it up from the ground.

UK Treasury and BOE unveil ‘comprehensive’ stimulus package to combat virus effects

BOE and Treasury action on the same day signals the policymakers’ preparedness to respond.

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How should I allocate to China?

Think of this edition as “An Investor’s Guide to China.” We take you to Chengdu, Sichuan province, where one of our investors spends two weeks living with a local family to see how Chinese consumer spending habits are changing - shown here in two compelling videos. China’s debt market is coming of age but is unlike any other in the world - so find out how we navigate it with unique research we are sharing with you for the first time. How should you allocate to China? Here, Fidelity Answers. - Richard Edgar, Editor in Chief

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