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Insurance Solutions & Services

Insurance Solutions & Services

Tailored investment solutions, consultancy and full-service outsourcing of asset management for insurers

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Insurers face many challenges from regulation to sustainability. We have a deep understanding of these issues and can partner with you to help effectively manage your unique challenges.

Our team of insurance specialists span a range of business areas from fixed income and multi asset to equities and private assets, allowing us to provide customised solutions and advice to insurance clients across the globe.

Our solutions and services


Macro Insights & Asset Allocation

We provide expert analysis on the key macro dynamics and factors impacting insurances - across a broad range of areas, including Strategic & Tactical Asset Allocation and Capital Market Assumptions.


Sustainable Investing

Sustainability is fully integrated into our investment platform through our proprietary ESG and climate ratings. We are well positioned to support your own sustainability and decarbonisation goals.


Asset Liability Management

We have been managing liability relative portfolios globally since 1969. We provide robust solutions under various constraints, including Solvency II, Risk-Based Capital, IFRS 9 and ESG.


Balance Sheet Diversification

Our range of active, passive, systematic and factor-based approaches in public and private markets can help insurers optimise their portfolios and achieve return and capital efficiency objectives.


Private Assets

We have deep experience in private assets capabilities, including real estate and private debt, and a unique way to integrate sustainable and fundamental research into our private assets investments.


Regulatory Advice

We provide advice on the latest regulatory changes and their impact on insurance companies in areas such as ESG, SFDR/SDR, Solvency II, Insurance Distribution Directive.

Fidelity Optimus - portfolio construction solutions

Fidelity Optimus offers flexible and customisable solutions that integrates the multiple objectives and unique needs of insurance clients including risk solvency optimised, buy & maintain and yield targeting portfolios, asset liability management, IFRS considerations and sustainable and climate-aware solutions.

Watch this video to see how Fidelity Optimus and our systematic team can help your company achieve its investment goals with ease and efficiency.

Bridging the climate-nature nexus in income strategies

For insurers, integrating biodiversity into their investment portfolio seems like a natural extension  of the existing commitment to mitigating climate change. However, the task is more complex and uncertain. We consider some of the similarities and differences in the climate-nature nexus.

Learn more

Unit-Linked Solutions

Our bottom-up fundamental research approach is embedded into all of our investment strategies

Our team

The team is led by Ghislain Perisse, who joined Fidelity as Head of Insurance Solutions Europe in 2022. In this role, he works closely with our investment and client-facing teams to support the evolving needs of our insurance clients across the UK and the rest of Europe. Ghislain is based in our Paris office and has a wealth of asset management experience in insurance solutions including life, non-life and reinsurance sectors.

Ghislain managed the European working group which created Tripartite Template (TPT) for Solvency II, the European Packaged Retain and Insurance-based Investment Products (EPT) template, the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (EMT). In his role as Chair at FinDatEx, he was instrumental in the development of the European ESG Template (EET) for European Insurance ESG/Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR).

Ghislain Perisse

Head of Insurance Solutions

Phone: +33 (0) 1 73 04 35 58

Jessica Parra Martinez

Insurance Solutions Manager

Phone: +44 203 986 2306

Lucien Shu

Quantitative Analyst - Insurance

Phone: +852 2629 2142

Selçuk Kes

German Institutional insurance sales

Phone: +49 (0) 151 74428 599

Marius Kruse

German unit linked business & IFA networks sales

Phone: +49 (0) 170 7847891

The evolving regulatory backdrop

We regularly engage with regulators to understand the future direction of policy and guide implementation. Across Europe, we continue to see a number of developments in important areas such as sustainability and solvency, as detailed below.

Solvency II

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Risk warnings

  • Changes in currency exchange rates may affect the value of investments in overseas markets. 
  • Investments in emerging markets can be more volatile than other more developed markets. 
  • The value of bonds is influenced by movements in interest rates and bond yields. If interest rates and so bond yields rise, bond prices tend to fall, and vice versa. The price of bonds with a longer lifetime until maturity is generally more sensitive to interest rate movements than those with a shorter lifetime to maturity. The risk of default is based on the issuer's ability to make interest payments and to repay the loan at maturity. Default risk may therefore vary between different government issuers as well as between different corporate issuers. 
  • Private assets strategies do not offer any guarantee or protection with respect to return, capital preservation, stable net asset value or volatility. These strategies may invest in private or less liquid assets, which can be difficult to sell. As a result, it may be that investors are not able to redeem their investments when they want to. 
  • A focus on securities of companies which maintain strong environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) credentials may result in a return that at times compares unfavourably to similar products without such focus. No representation nor warranty is made with respect to the fairness, accuracy or completeness of such credentials. The status of a security's ESG credentials can change over time. 
  • Investors should note that the views expressed may no longer be current and may have already been acted upon.

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