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Impact just got real

‘Impact investing’ is fast becoming a big focus for real estate investors, but ironically, in a few short years, may also be an outdated term; every real estate fund will ultimately have environmental and social ‘impact’ at its core.

Neil Cable Head of European Real Estate - 29 Jul 2021

How big a threat is the ‘brown discount’?

Reducing emissions in line with the Paris Agreement will require most existing buildings to be retrofitted to make them greener.

Kim Politzer Director of Research, European Real Estate - 21 Jul 2021

How Real Estate helps navigate the income challenge in a rapidly changing world

We are seeing significant structural changes in the way occupiers use their buildings and these changes are happening at pace.

Kim Politzer Director of Research, European Real Estate - 27 Mai 2021

Real Estate

Fidelity Real Estate Investment Colloquium

A group of renowned Real Estate industry experts from Fidelity, GRESB and Maastricht University, will look back over the past 30 years of investment decisions, discuss the current landscape and what challenges lie ahead for investment managers

Real Estate

Real Estate Multiple authors - 18 Mai 2021

Adrian Benedict

The New Prime: Cashflow trumps location for real estate investors

The Covid-19 outbreak has signalled a sea change for investors in the top end of the real estate market. Increasingly, we expect the industry to shift focus to the sustainability and security of rents and cashflows over traditional metrics.

Adrian Benedict

Adrian Benedict Head Of Real Estate Solutions - 17 Mai 2021

Offices are not dead, but they will need to evolve

Have white-collar workers become a species of pyjama-clad recluses? The British clothing retailer Primark certainly gave that impression in November when it reported a rise in nightwear and leisurewear sales since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kim Politzer Director of Research, European Real Estate - 10 Dez 2020

Crisis accelerates trends in European real estate

In just a few short months, the Covid-19 pandemic has turned many aspects of life upside down and left investors working hard to assess what these changes will mean for different asset classes

Kim Politzer Director of Research, European Real Estate - 28 Jul 2020

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